Meet the Ladies of Mrs Fray

Amy + Andi, captured by  Dan O’Day

Amy + Andi, captured by Dan O’Day

As you can imagine, being a wedding photographer gets you a front row seat to a lot of incredible parties. Amy and Andi have spent 16 cumulative years doing exactly that. Over that time their work has brought them all across the globe to witness some pretty incredible matrimonial feats.

In the recent years, Canberra local Andi noticed that every time she photographed a wedding in Canberra, the scene looked very different to the metropolitan parties they saw in other Australian cities. When Canberra is progressing in culture, arts, and hubs of of amazing places to eat and drink at a rate everyone can hardly keep up with, why did the Canberra wedding culture seem to not be following along with the development trend?

Riding closely alongside the wedding planning experience of a friend in Canberra, Andi watched first hand the process the tired bride went through as she spent her weekends (and time, energy, and money) visiting bridal boutiques in Sydney, only to end up empty handed and even more exhausted than before.

She gave a phone call to her industry friend and fashion guru Amy in Sydney, to tell her of the conundrum she saw for Canberra brides. A few brainstorming Skype sessions later, and Mrs Fray was born. Amy and Andi have a heart for the sometimes tiring or disheartening process a bride often has to go through to find the perfect gown for them, and they're eager to change every aspect of that process for Canberra brides of the future.

Finding a wedding dress should not only break the bank of your precious pennies saved for getting married in the first place, but it should be a process that is enjoyable, special, warm and inviting. Amy and Andi understand the culture of weddings, the importance of design, and the philosophy of the Canberra bride. The Mrs Fray Ethos is designed with those in mind and it's here to shake up the Canberra wedding market for good.



Amy is based over the border in the concrete jungle of Sydney. She has photographed weddings alongside her husband Milton Gan for 6 years, but still her heart remains very much in her original career of fashion. She has worked in the industry for 20 years and is currently running her own fashion consulting, mentoring, and sales agency, The Fashion Futurist.


Andi is a local Canberran, by way of Alaska, who has been a wedding photographer for over 11 years. Over the past four years, she’s been photograph- ing weddings across Australia and the globe with her partner, Dan O’Day (who was the Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2016) and in August 2017 they tied the knot themselves. A photographer, illustrator, and writer by trade, you'll occasionally see Andi's eloquent words popping up on the pages of Hello May and Lume magazines.