The Mrs Fray Ethos

Sadly, an uninspiring hunt for a wedding dress is not a stranger to many women today. Many of us have dreamt of the day we go try on wedding dresses, and in our dreams it's in a beautiful space with lovely attendants who make us feel welcomed and stunning the entire time. 

Here at Mrs Fray we believe that experience doesn't have to be a dream, but that it can be a reality. Finding a wedding dress doesn't have to be a ho-hum experience that makes us question the shapes of our midsections. We believe that this experience comes down entirely to the shop, which is why we've founded a space in which to create it.



The guiding philosophy behind Mrs Fray is to give the Canberra wedding dress market a really good shake up, and to create a warm and inviting environment for the Mrs Fray bride to find her ideal wedding day attire. We want her to get so excited about her dress and her wedding day that she shouts about it from the rafters, and has a hell of a lot of fun while she’s at it. We want to rid the local market of the idea that Canberra doesn’t have what they’re looking for when it comes to style. We want no local bride to have to go to search in Sydney, because Canberra has the killer dress she’s been looking for all along.



Our mission is to provide Canberra with the wedding dress market it deserves, to bring tri-annual pop ups to local brides who will be thrilled to scribble the dates
into their planners. We want to build a platform for discussion, a social media presence to inspire new ideas in the local market, and a revolution of thought surrounding Canberran weddings. In helping our Mrs Frays find their perfect gown, we want to be a best friend to them throughout the entire experience, showing the light at the end of the sometimes disheartening process of finding the dress for them. Sometimes a bride doesn’t always have that special someone to scourer the streets with on the hunt for her dream wedding dress and we are more than happy to be those women for her.

We want nothing to do with full-on retail experiences that pressure brides to make a decision that isn’t the one they want. We want everyone who walks through the doors of Mrs Fray to feel included, comfortable, and supported through the entire process - start to finish. We will spend time getting to know our brides on a deeper level before they even step foot into our space. We believe in keeping the friendship alive well after the wedding day with our league of extraordinary Mrs Frays.

Through the Mrs Fray online community, we will share content, fresh ideas, stories of real weddings, and recommendations on vendors in the industry that we can personally vouch for as good people as well as advocates of doing things on the outer edge of convention.

Gone are the days of plastic diamonds on deep purple table runners and ballroom receptions for Canberra brides. Fresh, new, exciting ways to get married with style in Canberra: here we come!