A Look At Our Labels: NATALIJA

There are a few ways that we choose the brands we collaborate with here at Mrs Fray HQ. First and foremost, of course, they are the brands that align with the timeless and simplistic beauty that we’re such diehard fans of. Secondly though, they are products that are made mindfully, beautifully, and out of sustainable materials. All the designers we have on board with us put great thought and care into their designs and we believe this makes their product in a league of their own, to be sure.

Owner / Founder / Designer / Maker of NATALIJA THE LABEL, Natalija Bouropoulos, says of her work:

"The more I learn about the fashion industry, the more I am convinced that people need to buy less but buy better. It is my passion to create long-lasting, precious pieces of impeccable quality and strive to do so in the most sustainable way possible.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

With all the ways we’re busting through the conventions in the modern wedding, NATALIJA helps us in more ways than one, as her beautiful silk work with robes, camis, and slip dresses, bring our wedding day into the present age. We’ve put together some thoughts on the excellent ways to incorporate NATALIJA into your bridal life.


Chic AF Hens Night Style

Thank goodness that hens nights have become evenings that more and more we’re not only willing but excited to get amongst, as we steer further and further away from the penis straw - amiright, ladies? Today, a hens party still often includes all the best bits that we look forward to (#tequila), but also often with an element of class we haven’t seen before. We’ve been to hens parties that started out as cocktail making classes, spa days, and shopping trips, and I have zero complaints about any of the above activities.

As the hen (or, heck, any of the chooks coming along to support their lovely Queen, could rock this look as well), it’s a challenging middle ground to find between glam, gorge, and effortless. That’s where NATALIJA’s Staple Silk Cami comes into play. And she calls it a staple for a damn good reason. This beauty can be put under any number of layers and topped with a statement earring to complete an effortlessly chic out-on-the-town look. Rock a leather jacket over it with some skinny black jeans and b*tch, please boots, and you are owning that restaurant / cocktail bar / dance floor with a confidence that says you knew what was coming at this surprise party.

Our favourite part of this piece comes when you realise that not only does it suit the event you bought it for, but it becomes the piece in your wardrobe you can’t live without. You’ll wear this thing again and again… and again.


Not Same Samey Bridal Prep Wear

Circa 2012 we started seeing the internet implode with the evolution of the “I’m a bride getting ready, so I’m wearing this bride-specific robe,” …remember that? It came in the form -in some circles- of sticker diamantes that spelled out, “BRIDE TO BE” on ole’ bridie’s bum, and rose up for others in the form of 6 floral robes, all indistinguishable except for the slightly differently toned robe of the bride.

In case you couldn’t have guessed, we’re not big proponents of the diamante here at MF HQ. We don’t have anything against floral print, but we do also know that the bride you likely are if you are reading this is not necessarily one to do a thing that’s been done a zillion times before. So, allow us to offer you the perfect alternative: NATALIJA’s Lace Detail Silk Robe in Oyster.

Unless your ladies are itching to deck themselves out in silk loungewear for the morning of (which, if they are, who can blame them?), this robe can be all for you to swan around in while you sip your champagne and prepare for your unveiling to your adoring fans. We can guarantee with utmost certainty that this robe:

  1. Will never go out of fashion;

  2. Pairs perfectly with any lounging footwear and/or bare feet; and

  3. Delights in the mystical crooning of the Beyoncé that will pumping her jams for you while you get hyped for your ceremony.

Seamless, effortless style and beauty that’s made of silk almost too soft and comfortable to believe. What’s not to love?


Saviour of All Bridesmaids

Look, we all know that of all the cringe-worthy things we funny humans have thought are great ideas for weddings over the past century, the attire of the bridesmaid has got to be one of the worst. Even the colour schemes and choice of bustles we saw adorning the backsides of bridesmaids everywhere 8 years ago, today we may shutter to remember. The style of the bridesmaid’s dress is often ‘over’ just as quickly as we thought it was ‘in’ (there are many, many giggle-inducing examples of this phenomenon on our TV).

But if our ethos is timeless beauty for our brides, then we’re not ones to believe that our besties, our pack of lioness backup dancers, our fellow hens-nighting-cocktail-mixers should be left in the lurch of ruffles.

NATALIJA makes stunning slip dresses (and silk separates that you' can beautifully mix and match) that will have you looking at photos of your friends lined up behind you for years to come and, instead of cringing at the fashion you bestowed upon them for your merry day, you just might be more inclined to think, ‘Daaaaaamn… my friends looked good.’ And that’s something, ladies, that everyone can be happy about.

These silk pieces don’t need much - and they go well with stilettos, blocks, boots, or all of the above. Give your girls some killer earrings to bring emphasis to that beautiful neckline and you’ll have yourself one heck of a modern bridesmaid lineup (for which your besties will thank you later).


So whether it’s rocking your bridal look with style before, during, or after the wedding day, we’re proud to stock the beautiful work of NATALIJA THE LABEL on our Mrs Fray shelves.

Happy silk swaning, ladies!

Andrea Rose