Friend of the Fray: Kate Beinke, Makeup Artist


Of all the things to worry about outsourcing on the wedding day, we've gotta say that make up should be very close to the top of that list. I mean, sure, some of us have spent years in front of the bathroom mirror if only to finally arrive here: she-who-is-able-to-perfectly-wingtip-her-liner-in-3.8-seconds-per-eye. But we also all know what it's like to just have one of those 'Thursdays' where you wake up, do all the things you normally do, and for some reason your morning routine just isn't cutting the mustard to make you look fresh faced. What we don't want to happen is for our plan to do our own makeup on the wedding day -all casual like- to go pear shaped.

Thankfully, that's why we hire professionals.

A pro makeup artist has to have a lot more talent under their belt aside from yielding their brushes like a champion. They're not only dealing with brides (82.7% more prone to insanity on a wedding day then they are on any other day), they're also coming into the hotbed of activity that is the brides hemisphere on the morning of a wedding. Nine times out of ten, bridal prep includes at least 10 different unforseen factors, mini crises, noises, smells, and 1 zillion outside questions hurdling through the air and going straight toward that bride. Needless to say, bridie is often a bit overwhelmed.

So, on top of entering that scene with her skills and magic bag of makeup witchcraft and wizardry, what pros like Kate Beinke know how to do best is to be a calming forcefield that helps (not hinders) the bride's emotions on the day. If you chose your MUA right, you'll be adding a force of zen (and, in Kate's case, brilliant sense of humour) that you'll be all too grateful to have around.

We sat down with Kate to ask her a few questions about what she does in the biz, what she loves, what she doesn't love so much, and what she wishes there was more of in the world of bridal makeup.

Kate Beinke by Brown Paper Parcel

Kate Beinke by Brown Paper Parcel

What's a good thing for a bride to think about in relation to her bridal makeup? - I.E. Where does a girl even start?

Sometimes, to get an idea of what you do want, it can be helpful to eliminate what you don't want. For example, if heavy contour and a smokey eye isn't your jam, you can cross that off the list straight away! Looking at images of makeup that you like and trying to identify what it is you like about them is also a good place to start. From there, chatting to your MUA about your thought process is a great beginning. 


What's helpful to receive from brides when you two are planning a bridal look (Pinterest boards, reference photos, images of the Kardashians, none of the above, whatevs)?

Reference photos are great! When planning the look it's also helpful to know the style/vibe and colour palette of the wedding, then from there we can come up with a look that compliments the dress, bouquet, venue, and location (beach/city etc). 


How much should a bride guide the MUA vs how much should she sit back, relax, and trust the professional to do amazing work?

A combination of both works best - this is definitely a team effort, people. It's great if the bride knows what she wants, though sometimes it can be helpful to listen to the professionals when they give mindful advice. For example, it's often best to steer clear of anything with glitter for most bridal looks because of the way it shows up in photos. But brides shouldn't be expected to know that kind of minute detail, so that's where I'm happy to lend a hand.

It's paramount to have a makeup trial before the wedding to ensure the MUA and bride are on the same page on the day. The most important thing is for the bride to feel beautiful and comfortable, and I find that's usually when she still feels like herself (just the most glow-y, polished version).


Favourite attribute to find in a client in the lead up to a wedding?

Someone who doesn't take it all too seriously and is having fun in chaos of planning a wedding. 


Couples most often worry too much about:  Pleasing others!

What do you love most about living and working in Canberra?

My favourite thing about Canberra is I can leave work and drive for five minutes and be in a park area completely alone except for some ducks and a wombat, then drive another 5 minutes and be at my Nan and Pop's for a cuppa. 

What are you eager to see change in the Canberra wedding market?

Options!! We desperately needed some variety, thankfully that's changing and Canberra brides are being given access to more without having to go shlepping around Sydney (Hello, Mrs Fray!). 

Favourite thing about a wedding day?

The energy in the morning when everyone’s getting ready. There are nerves, excitement, and sometimes tears (mostly happy, always waterproofed!). It's such an amazing vibe to be around.

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Andrea Rose