So who is the mysterious Mrs Fray?

Image by  Dan O'Day

Image by Dan O'Day

As you can imagine, being a wedding photographer gets you a front row seat to a lot of incredible parties. We've (Amy and Andi) spent 16 cumulative years doing exactly that. Over that time our work has brought us all across the globe to witness some pretty incredible matrimonial feats.

We have a heart for the sometimes tiring or disheartening process a bride often has to go through to find the perfect gown for them, and we're eager to change every aspect of that process for Canberra brides of the future.

Finding a wedding dress should not only not break the bank of your precious pennies saved for getting married in the first place, but it should be a process that is enjoyable, special, warm and inviting. We understand the culture of weddings, the importance of design, and the philosophy of the Canberra bride. The Mrs Fray Ethos is designed with those in mind and it's here to shake up the Canberra wedding market for good. 

Join us dear Canberra brides and you'll never have to go searching in Sydney or Melbourne again, because Canberra now has the killer dress you’ve been looking for all along!

Amy + Andi x