Pearly Whites - A sustainable bridal collection from Mother Of Pearl


You may well of noticed that here at Mrs Fray we like to wear a variety of hats and have brought to the Mrs Fray table a variety of experiences across many different industries. In my line of my work as a fashion business consultant and mentor working with fashion brands at various phases of their business lifecycles one very important topic of conversation (well it’s actually becoming more than just a conversation and I dare say should be the “norm”) for brands to implement sustainable and ethical business practices from the get go. I’m sure many of you are familiar with such buzz words popping up around the fashion space as you seek out your weekday wardrobes, however it may not have crossed your mind that the choice to purchase a sustainable and ethically made garment could also apply to your own wedding day attire.

Well let us introduce you to the PEARLY WHITES collection by Mother Of Pearl, a luxury sustainable and ethical womenswear brand that celebrates individuality and authenticity based in East London.

We learnt all about this super chic sustainable brand recently through an article by The Business Of Fashion, here’s a little excerpt - 

Mother of Pearl creative director Amy Powney set out to design a line that was socially responsible with minimum impact on the planet when she was appointed to creatively head up the luxury womenswear brand in 2015. She decided to “flip the development process on its head,” and, rather than starting with garment designs, began by looking at the locations of where fabrics were produced so she could create a collection that was grown, spun and woven in the same geographical region. That reduced each garment’s carbon footprint as well as packaging waste.

Sustainability has been a lifelong passion of Powney’s and since being at the helm of brand she has been on a mission for Mother of Pearl to be ethically conscious in all that we do, journeying to find the best factories, suppliers and farmers who care about the planet and its inhabitants as much as us. 

To us, sustainability is a mindset and present throughout Mother of Pearl; our studio is a plastic bottle free zone, we use eco energy suppliers and have a package-free vegetarian lunch scheme made sourced from local organic produce.

We’ll just leave some more of the modern and simple bridal silhouettes from PEARLY WHITES here for you to ponder a little longer.

You’re probably asking what sustainable and/or ethical choices to we have here in Australia when it comes to bridal designers. The great news is there is an abundance of choice. All of the designers we work with at Mrs Fray have a focus in way shape or form on sustainable and ethically made gowns, ready to wear fashion and accessories. Take Karen Willis Holmes for example, her ever popular gowns are designed and finished by an in-house team of talented artisans at her head office in Newtown, Sydney. 

We too are doing our bit to build a sustainable business and hope to bring you our very own Mrs Fray garment bags made from re-purposed, end of roll fabric or dead-stock as its most commonly known. Stay tuned ladies!