FRIEND OF THE FRAY: Kate Lily Dressing Hair


So you got the dress: Congrat-u-freaking-lations.

We, of all people, know what a great relief it is to have your dress locked in for the big day. The choose your own adventure book as ended, you followed your way to page 75, you’ve decided what kind of bride you want to be in gown form. For many reasons, it often feels like once you have the dress locked in, the rest of your wedding day style falls fairly seamlessly into place.

The next major step is taming your ‘do’ to reflect whatever dress adventure you chose in part one. Thankfully, the days of cat-fish-fringe-ringlets are done (good riddance She’s All That) and the “traditional” up do for a formal look have gotten a complete renovation. As with all things wedding related, hair has no rules for a wedding day.

We’ve all likely had that less than desirable experience, sitting in the chair of an unknown hairstylist, watching their face go flat when we enthusiastically tell them what we want (what’s that face for? I just said low lights…) and to compound on the pressure we get for a wedding day we certainly don’t welcome the over opinionated and uninformed chime-in from a random hairstylist.

So where’s a girl to start? You might be tired of us harping on this, but we mean it when we say: this is when you call in the professional (and a kind one, at that).

Enter stage left: Kate Lily. Kate is behind so many of the stunning bridal locks you’ve seen waltzing their way down Canberra wedding aisles lately and we know all of the reasons why. She’s also a delight to be around and the absolute last person who will make you feel embarrassed or pressured to go any which way. Kate knows her stuff, so you don’t have to.

We asked her a few questions about who she is and what her delightful smile is on about, to share with our lady Frays.

Image by  Corinna & Dylan

How long have you been in the Canberra wedding industry?

I’ve been a hairdresser in Canberra for over 10 years (which is crazy). I’ve always done bridal hair, but I’ve really been focusing on it specifically for about 3 years now.

What have you seen change about the industry in the last few years?

Everything! I feel like it’s really evolving and anything goes. The standard idea of a wedding is really being chopped and changed. There is so much more creativity in everything, which I love.

What’s a good thing for a couple to think about when they’re shopping for a hair stylist and make up artist?

Do your research. Make sure you connect with your stylist and that they share the same vision as you so for the big day. If you aren’t happy or if you don’t feel comfortable with how you look, you won’t love your photos.

Couples most often worry too much about:

What other people think. It’s your day! Make it special for the two of you.

What do you love about living and working in Canberra?

It’s such a great community. You get to really know all the local vendors [in the wedding industry]. Everyone is so supportive of each other, which is so lovely. It’s also so central. I love doing interstate weddings and living in Canberra makes it so easy to travel.

What are you eager to see change for the Canberra wedding market?

I’d love to see some more unique venues and before Mrs Fray I would have said an ‘on trend bridal boutique’, but now they have that covered!*

Favourite thing about a wedding day?

I have two. I love seeing the bridal party all done up and ready to go. It’s so exciting - also a bit of a proud stylist moment.

I also love seeing photos from the day. I don’t usually get to see the venue/cake/florals/etc., so it’s really awesome to see how the couple’s day was.

Are you married? If so, tell us about your own wedding day.

I am married, and being in the wedding industry I didn’t want something traditional. I really wanted the planning and our wedding day to be super chilled and just like a big party, with pizza and lots of dancing. And that’s what we did. All our vendors were local Canberrans, most I had worked with before, so it was so special.

If you could do it all over again, you’d be sure to:

Bring flat shoes! Haha.

*We did not pay Kate to say this. Promise. x

Image by  Jenny Wu

Image by Jenny Wu

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