The clutches of your heart


We aren’t afraid at Mrs Fray to admit that we’re definitely accessory gals. The 2019 trends of minimal bridal wear paired with statement shoes, earrings, and handbags, has got us all heart-pounding-out-of-our-chests like Pepé Le Pew on the prowl for his lady love. Give us a strong earring, a bold shoe, and a killer handbag and we are here for it all!

This is precisely why we have a girl crush on the Aussie brand, Brie Leon. If you’ve been in to try a gown with us, you’ve likely ogled or even tried on a pair of Brie Leon’s stunning Large Fresco Sleepers (and you might’ve read me harp on the beauty of pearls on the JOURNAL over here a while back). But that’s not all that’s in store for the far reaching talent of this beautiful brand. Brie Leon has a full range of hand bags and clutches that we can’t stop talking about.

The way we see it, with this brand there are three distinct ways a Mrs Fray bride can carry her precious things on a wedding day with style; now the hard part is just choosing which one suits you best.



If the thought of a powerful looking handbag sends nothing but chills of delight up your spine, then the Camile bag is the one for you. It has all the bold attitude of an 80’s handbag shape, but with the modernism of 2019 in cream coloured snake skin patterned leather. Say what? This bag slips easily from a gal’s hand to under her arm, carrying her lippy from hotel to cocktail party in a way that says, ‘I love you, bridesmaids, but I’ve got Camile to carry my lippy now.’ She’s for the strong, the bold, the lover of an accessory that does all the work for you.



We’ve all been wooed since day one with the trend of resin in jewellery and bags, and Brie Leon’s resin clutches are no exception. The shape and size of the delightful numbers are easy enough to grab and handle on your own, but they also come with a chic and delicate gold chain handle so she can rest care free off your on fleek shoulder (...too much with the fleek?). She’s your go to girl for looking like your style is considered and on point even on nights when you may not feel like it; she’s got your back. And as with all these gorge accessories, she acts brilliantly as a wedding day prop then follows you into the rest of your life of cheeky wines out on the town.



Not a handbag girl? Totally fine. Still… where does that touch up lippy go for the day? We all love a dress with pockets, but in the event you don’t select one of those, you’re going to need something to cart around some tiny, important objects. Enter the small zip pouch. I don’t know about you, but when I hear, ’small zip pouch’ the first place my brain goes is those space saving ziplock-esque contraptions that make packing easier and make my mum faint with happiness. The Brie Leon small zip pouch is anything but that (but with just as much awe-factor). She comes in croc and multiple colours, she’s compact and effective with just enough space to throw in a tube of touch up and a couple of credit cards. She’s the accessory for the girl who doesn’t want a bucket bag, need not compliment her outfit with a loud statement, but still says with her sense of style that she knows what’s up when it comes to considered pieces for her wardrobe.


Whatever way you wander in the choose your own adventure of bridal wear, Brie Leon’s pieces gravitate seamlessly in and out of wedding days and into the rest of our daily lives with us all. Now it’s just up to you which handbag route to travel (but, then again, who says you have to pick just one?).

Come in store to visit all three of these beautiful pieces at once, and listen to Andi go on and on about ‘fleek’ and other words she hardly understands. See you soon xx

Andrea Rose